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Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.

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©Atmaji Haryo Wiryawan 2012, Computer Engineering – Telkom University. Bandung


was born on 4th November 1993 at little town Cimahi, west java Indonesia.

take on the 1st degree of elementary school at Elementary Public School 13 Cimahi (known today as Mandiri Cimahi elementary 1 public school) on 1999. continue my middle school at “Junior High School 1 Cimahi” and graduated on 2005. directly i pass the test to be a student at ” Senior High School 1 Cimahi” on 2008. as i like being the master of computer hardware and electrical things then i passed the test at Telkom School of Applied Science: Telkom University, of course i was a member of Computer Engineering Faculty and choose the study interest in embedded systems. graduated on 2014 as diploma of engineering, then i decided to continue my study at the same university. Now i am still a student of Computer Engineering of Telkom Electrical Engineering School and take my bachelor degree as Bachelor of Engineering. i hope this is the last semester since i write my profile resume, pray me guys 🙂


experience in organization :

  • Chief Executive Officer at HIMATEK Telkom SAS 2013
  • Member of Board of Trustees at AMIF Bandung 2013
  • Chairman of HRD at HMSK Telkom Electrical Engineering School 2015
  • Member of The Islamic Students Association (indonesian : Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam) since 2014

experience in research and achievment :

  • Member of Electrical circuit and Microcontroller Laboratory 2013, concern on embedded system development thing and image processing
  • 6th Position at Kontes Robot Seni Indonesia 2014